A Multisemiotic Analysis of Latent Gender Discrimination

Latent Gender Discrimination: Multisemiotic Analysis
Pilar González Llerena, Mariia V. Rubtcova, Saraph O. Narayana Murthy
Publication date
Political Behavior: Race, Ethnicity & Identity Politics
Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc
As has shown by recent studies in multisemiotics, hidden gender discrimination in mass media is a serious challenge despite decades of research. In the current report, we look at the problem of stereotypes in the perception of the photos and videos of women politicians in the pre-election period. We will also show “machismo” in the arguments of men politicians fighting against female politicians. Data comes from the photo’s and video’s corpus retrieved from official website from several countries which keep a way to gender equality (India, Mexico, and Russia). The results show differences in interactive features used for latent discrimination