Английский язык

В основе нашего метода полный уход от заучивания каких-либо грамматических и прочих правил. В основу метода положена аналитическая логика, которая помогает постичь менталитет носителя английского языка в сравнении с русским, что в итоге приводит к быстрому развитию чутья английского языка, которое необходимо для развития навыков разговорной речи.

Выражения для академического английского языка. Материалы для семинара I

The present article explores the interaction between... in a sample of The study draws from research on... in particular on... and on the relationship [...]

Произношение буквосочетаний

Буква «Q q» встречается только в сочетании с u перед гласными, и это буквосочетание [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 45. The kidneys function

The kidneys are filters which remove waste products from the blood. In the human each is a bean-shaped organ, some four inches long and about two inches [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 44. Kidneys

The kidneys are retroperitoneal organs that remove urea and other waste products from the blood. In addition, they regu late the chemical composition of [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 43. The urinary system

The urinary system, consisting of the kidneys, bladder, and excretory ducts (ureters and urethra) is formed mainly from mesodermal and endodermal [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 42. Liver

Liver, the pancreas and the kidneys are the organs primarily engaged in the intermediary metabolism of the materials resorbed from the gasro - [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 41. The act of swallowing

The act of swallowing is divided into three stages. The first stage is under voluntary control. The food which has been transformed into a soft, mass by [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 40. Sources of energy

The fuels of the body are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These are taken in the diet. Carbohydrates are the principal source of energy in most diets. [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 39. The progess of digestion

The process of digestion begins when food is taken into the mouth. Chewing Ы-еаго the food into smaller pieces, thereby exposing more surfaces to [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 38. The digestive tract structure

The gastrointestinal tract and associated organs are collectively called the digestive system. This system is responsible for receiving food and [...]