ЛЕКЦИЯ № 33. Pleura

Visceral pleura is a thin serous membrane that covers the outer surface of the lungs. A delicate connective tissue layer of collagen and elastin, [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 14. Thoracic wall

There are 12 thoracic vertebrae. The vertebrae have facets on their bodies to articulate with the heads of ribs; each rib articulates with the body of [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 13. Neck

Cervical vertebrae: There are seven cervical vertebrae of which the first two are atypical. All cervical vertebrae have openings in their transverse [...]

ЛЕКЦИЯ № 8. Muskular system

Skeletal (voluntary) system. The dermomyotome further differentiates into the myotome and the dermatome. Cells of the myotome migrate ventrally to [...]